Agnelle is a family and craft gantry founded in 1937, initially under the name "Cité du Gant
de Cuir" Joseph Perrichou, director of Papeteries du Limousin created this workshop for his
son Lucien, in Saint-Junien in Limousin.
The ancestral techniques and gestures that make the Agnelle’s glove have seduced
many luxury homes over time, such as Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, or Christian
Agnelle is today managed by Sophie Grégoire. It remains a family business for 3 generations.
In addition to the activity of Saint-Junien’s worshop, she developed in 1988 other workshops
in the Philippines where the training of local craftsmen is ensured by those of Saint-Junien.
Her willingness of cultivating the glove making’s knowledge and matching it with new trends
and textile technologies is rewarded. She received the Veuve Cliquot Businesswomen Award
in 2010, the Legion of Honour Insignia in 2011 and the KBL Richelieu Prize in 2012.
All the leathers used by Agnelle come from French megisseries.