Astier de Villatte

   This fall, the joint collection of original ceramics, scarves, T-shirts, bags and perfumed objects, grows with the addition of a new set of desirable objects: Original motifs painted or applied to a variety of materials, along with Astier de Villatte’s famous notebooks redesigned in Communard style – plus a first: the emblematic white ceramic candle changes its look and takes on patriotic red, white and blue colors.      

   Designers of both their white ceramic tableware and furniture, Benoit Astier de Villatte and Ivan Pericoli met at the Beaux Arts in Paris. In 1996 they created their own business, whilst admitting to knowing next to nothing of the ‘arts of the table’. They merely followed their dream of creating objects, inspired by old treasures found thrown away on street-corners, or unearthed in the crowded shelves of junk-shops. The year 2000 saw the opening of Astier de Villatte’s famous flagship boutique, of 173 Rue Saint Honoré, as well as of their workshop, in Boulevard Masséna, where the orders of worldwide clients are made. In 2008, along with their close associate, the stylist Emily Mazeaud, they created their first collection of Scented Products.