Cléo Charuet – Cleoburo – is officially a French Parisian free-lance art director, graphic designer and director; less officially cook, absurd collector and cat masseuse. From things printed to things animated to things online she notably collaborated with Cartier, Dior Homme and Van Cleef & Arpels.


       « Starving Communards and Parisians, having eaten up the last rats, cats, dogs and horses, finally slaughtered all the zoo animals in the capital and only spared the pigeons because they could transmit messages and microfilms. The kangaroos, bears, and elephants bought by Parisian butchers ended up on the menus of fancy restaurants, for example for Christmas Eve of 1870. The tragic and surrealist reality of the historical facts mixed with my constant obsession with cooking and animals, are the basic ingredients for this series of objects for the Commune de Paris 1871. »

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