Founded in 1996 in Paris, H5 is a creative studio. Headed by Ludovic Houplain, selected art directors, graphic designers, illustrators, producers, film-makers, copy-writers and art-buyers work collaboratively together to bring the perfect mix of talents for each particular project.
From designing album covers and directing clips for ‘French Touch’ artists (such as Etienne de Crécy, Air, Röyksopp, Vitalic...) to collaborate with major cultural institutions (Fondation Cartier, Grand Palais, Centre Pompidou, Festival de Cannes...), to the conception of fully integrated campaigns for luxury clients and premium brands (Lacoste, Dior, Adidas x Kanye West...), their creative expression has been in constant evolution.

The particularity of their creative studio is to create their own art pieces, such as the Oscar awarded animation Logorama, the press hit Hello™ exhibition, or to participate to the famous annual immersive art experience La Nuit Blanche.
H5 work is a matter of spirit rather than style. They craft ideas for brands statements.