Julien Langendorff

Julien Langendorff is a graphic artist and a musician and was born in Paris. His work includes drawings, collages, mysterious installations and seems to follow an esoteric flow of haunted poetry that reads like an inhabited diary. His works are like hallucinated visions that form a dreamlike and mystic world informed by references to the roots of the 60s counter culture as well as to a certain form of 19th-century imagery (the pre-raphaelites, spiritualism).


"The power of a single written word has always had a strong spell on me. What RISE has in mind here recalls the Communard rising to defend his determination to build a new society but also applies to any individual will for self-improvement and renewal. Rise up from the grave/Rise up from the ashes. Zombie, phoenix or communard, death- whether real or imaginary- shall not silence he who must accomplish his deed".