Julien Langendorff is an adept at DIY. He draws with a Bic biro, publishes his own collections of drawings and exhibits his work in the top places for contemporary graphic art. At the crossroads of fine arts and urban poetry, his work is peopled with characters dealing with apparently ordinary situations, in disturbing sur¬roundings, with no guidelines, on the threshold of the fantastic. David “Yaya” Herman Dune, with his songs and his band, Herman Dune travels across the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe. When he’s not singing, David Herman Dune - also called Yaya - is designing drawing books, discs illustrations or exhibitions, peopled with recurrent characters: aliens, surfers, or the blue Bigfoot.


       « We worked for “Commune de Paris, 1871” as we usually do in our creative sessions, in an instinctive and evolutive way. We start with an atmosphere that turns into a series of possibilities that form a whole, a harmonious colour, echoing stories... When “Commune de Paris, 1871” called on us with their theme, we looked for someone, a face, a word, an extreme situation. We found a man with a mousta¬che, wearing a jacket, in raging flames, calling for help and warning people: «FIRE, FIRE» on Paris... You can smell something burning... moustache ends, and jacket buttons... »

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