Lili Fleury, is an "explorer" who does not trust anything more than her intuition. Born with the underground artistic scene from the end of the eighties, this graduate from the Ensaama is multi-talented. Thanks to her own creations (illustrations, paintings, photos, books…), to her contributions to contemporary art (Pierre Huygue, YI Zhou), and also to her experience in the world of music (co-founder of the Bronx Agency), publishing ("Dis Voir" publishing house) and fashion (Giambattista Valli, Fred Sathal), Lili Fleury has created a unique style based on fantasy, mystery and poetry.

       " The pencil drawn portrait of a revolutionary aristocrat whose handsome face seems assaulted by a liana of bramble ; like a deadly waltz, a rosace of blue and red intertwined veins at the end of which skulls in bloom are dancing ; a cockerel’s bust which bravely faces a crow of doom bathed in scarlet blood…I tried to revisit the anguish and the disillusions of that mini-revolution by using strong metaphors, but not necessarily those which are typically used to illustrate the "Commune". And as usual, my approach was voluntarily intuitive. I let myself be guided by the story of an extraordinary era, the end of the 19th century, a chaotic period also characterised by a profound idealism and a certain innocence ".

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