With the renewed taste for elegance and the current popularity of branded accessories «Maison Fabre» are constantly refining their art. Their finest seasonal models are shown in their two luxurious shops in the Palais Royal gardens and at the heart of St Germain de Prés, where they create gloves for the most prestigious studios.
«Maison Fabre» is renowned as the ultimate French glove maker with tailormade collections that combine traditional know-how and a definitely contemporary touch.

 «Maison Fabre» is principally a family business and a guardian of French know-how in glove making. «Commune de Paris» is a designer brand for men whose priority is high-quality and fashion. The collaboration between two brands must be meaningful. This is how we built our co-branding. We are very happy about it and are already planning the future» Olivier Fabre.

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