Maison Images d'Epinal

The IMAGERIE D’EPINAL is the most famous imagery and the last still active in the world. From the 18th to the 20th century, imageries played a major role in the transmission of popular knowledge, spreading their illustrated sheets throughout Europe. Founded in 1796, the IMAGERIE D'EPINAL is part of the French cultural heritage. In its 220 years of existence, it has built up an inestimable heritage of tens of thousands of images, created from engraved woods and then lithographic stones.

Since its recovery in 2014 by two French entrepreneurs, it is experiencing a real revival. This two-hundred-year-old company continues the adventure of image creation in its production workshop and has launched new challenges in high-end interior decoration under its MAISON IMAGES D'EPINAL© brand.

The IMAGERIE D'EPINAL is home to an iconographic collection unique in the world, more than 220 years of all sorts images : thousands of printed and illustrated sheets, albums and notebooks, games, engraved wood and lithographic stones. They cover fields as diverse as pious or military images, history, geography, natural stories, knowledge learning (alphabets, encyclopaedic sheets), tales, fables, historic events, arts (songs, theatre sets)... Broadly distributed across borders, theses images contribute to the international influence of French cultural heritage. This iconographic collection covering two centuries of popular culture is today a great source of inspiration for all our creations.