Munchausen was created in 2004 by Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti. It is an independent structure focused on prospective development in graphic design and particularly on the recycling of ancestral signs and their shifting to poetic imagery. Simon Pillard graduated from ESAD Reims in 2003. Now he is a graphic designer for creator JC de Castelbajac. Philippe Rossetti graduated from Ecole des Beaux-Arts Lyon and Villa Arson in Nice and started as a lecturer for the French Consulate in Rome. He is now in charge of the stylistic and commercial devel¬opment of Munchausen.

       « When “Commune de Paris, 1871” asked for Munchausen’s contribution, we wondered what a communard contribution might be and whether it could apply today. With autonomy, utopia and insurrection as a challenge, we decided Munchausen would be communard. We approached the job as a commission and started doing research on 19th century engravings and wallpapers. We then worked on the technical and aesthetic adaptation of the iconography we had discovered. We worked in two ways. One consisted in corrupting typical 19th century scenes by adding 21st century signs and the other in creating an improbable form of architec¬ture with the « Château ». We took as much pleasure in bringing Gustave Courbet, Emmanuel Perrotin and the Chanel logo together as we did in creating a code based on black, white, blue and red."

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